Grand Jury Updates

We will post updates on this page on progress convening the Grand Jury:

In July 2019, Brian Shaw issued a Writ to the High Court of Australia Melbourne Registry between:


  1. The applicant applies for leave to have issued or to file the attached document
  2. On 28 November (2019) Gageler J directed the registrar to issue or file the document without the leave of a justice first had or obtained by the party seeking to issue or file it

First page of the writ:

The 2nd Page of the writ lists those indicted for TREASON in the writ:

There are a total of 43 defendants named in this Writ, including Julie Bishop, Julia Gillard and others. To see the full documents in the writ please visit Brian Shaw’s website at:

The Supreme Court cannot act on this writ because it can only be heard before a Common Law Grand Jury….and we can only convene a Grand Jury with the Authority of the Australian People. That is why the My Will letter is so important for the future of our nation.

With your Authority we will convene a Grand Jury somewhere in Melbourne. We already have a location selected, but we must keep it secret for now. Nor can we announce when the Grand Jury will begin.

All we need now is to put enough pressure on the Sheriffs, Attorney Generals and Police Chiefs so that they start doing the job they were appointed to do: They must act under our English Common Law and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act to issue arrest warrants to those named in the writ to appear before a Common Law Court.

We are already doing this by sending a writ to them demanding that they send us a signed agreement they will abide by our supreme law when we send them Grand Jury Indictments.

Anyone that refuses will be indicted in the writ above and they, too, will face a Common Law Grand Jury , and then a Common Law Court.

At the same time, we have started sending copies of the My Will Letter to the Sheriffs, Attorney Generals and Police to show them the Will of the People.

The more signed My Will letters we have the more we can send them to show that We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia know they are IN TREASON. When we inform them of their Treason or Misprision of Treason we also demand that they step down from their positions immediately. If they do not they are guilty of the crimes we accuse them of. English Common Law mandates Death for Treason.

You can do your bit.

Download the My Will letter by clicking on the link here or below and save it to your hard drive.

Download Your My Will Letter

Click on the button below to download your My Will letter with attractive Parchment Paper background. This will print the background in color as well.

Size: 155kb
Version: 1.0

or download a letter without a parchment image background 

Download B/W Letter

If you do not wish to print a parchment background with your letter, click on the button below.

Size: 75kb
Version: 1.0

Print out as many copies of the letter as you need.

Sign the letter yourself and then get out there and ask other people to sign one as well. Each letter must have one signature and two witnesses. So, three people can each sign their own letter, and then witness each other’s letters.

Then gather all the signed letters you have collected and put as many as possible into one package.

Post your wet-ink signed paper letters to us. We need the paper copy so that we have an original of your letter on hand.

Where to Post your My Will Letters with wet ink signature:

Advance Australia
c/o 108 O’Sullivan Beach Road
South Australia 5160

Any letters that do not bear the valid signature of a registered voter will be rejected.

There is no time limit for gathering signatures, but we are aiming for a target date of July 31, 2019. If we reach the target before then we will immediately start to implement the Terms of Reference

Thank you for standing up with the People of Commonwealth of Australia!