My Affidavit to the Grand Jury

If the political party governments have harmed you or your family in any way that is not allowed under Common Law and our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, this is where you can upload your Affidavit to the Grand Jury.

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Your affidavit will be added to the growing pile of complaints against the corrupt political party “officials” who have lied, cheated and denied justice to we, the People of the Commonwealth.

The Grand Jury will sit under Common Law, outside the jurisdiction of the political party Star Chamber Courts that have consistently denied us justice and redress of our grievances.

We need your support to convene a Grand Jury of 25 Commonwealth Public Officials (CPO’s). They will review each Affidavit and then summon you to appear before the Grand Jury to give your evidence. This evidence will be noted and compiled into a lawful complaint against those you name. If you cannot travel to the Grand Jury you will be able to give your evidence by video interview instead.

When the Grand Jury has enough prima facie evidence of the wrongdoing, crimes, corruption and treason of those we once put our trust in we will issue Indictments for those who have committed crimes and treason against the people

Due to the large number of complaints against the political party governments, State and Federal, we will review all submissions sent to us and choose a few to represent all the other complaints in a category. Those chosen will be invited to testify before the Grand Jury. Only submission that agree to appear before the Grand Jury will be considered.

These are the categories of complaint:

  1. The Australian government’s degradation of First Nations people living standards
  2. Unlawful bank repossessions of people’s homes, land and other property, as well as other banking crimes
  3. Unlawful local councils pretending to be a 3rd tier of government in direct contravention of the 1988 and 1999 Referendums of the people that denied them any status as government. These councils are guilty of many crimes against the people, including
    • House/land repossessions for non-payment of Rates Demands
    • Unlawful arrest and incarceration for non-payment of fines
    • Children stolen from parents by government agencies

Who can appear before the Grand Jury?

Anyone who has submitted an Affidavit describing the harm done by the corporate political party system and their departments may appear before the Grand Jury. The panel of Commonwealth Public Officials (CPO’s) sitting on the Grand Jury Bench will make the final decision on who they shall summon to testify.

What if you cannot travel?

  • The Grand Jury will move around the country as required. If you are summoned and you cannot travel, you can apply to the Grand Jury to ask the judges to travel to your location
  • Or you may give your evidence by video meeting instead.

Who can sign?

Any member of the Commonwealth of Australia can sign an affidavit. You do not need a JP to sign for the grand jury Affidavit.

What happens to your Affidavit after you submit it?

All Affidavits submitted to the Grand Jury will be held in strict confidence at Advance Australia HQ until such time as the Grand Jury is ready to review them. They will never be seen by anyone outside the Advance Australia HQ organization.

If you have been wronged by the political party corporate government in any way and it has badly affected you and/or the lives of your loved ones, now is the time to write it all down as an Affidavit.

Read this Guide to Writing an Affidavit;

Download a sample template here get it notarized by at least one witness (2 is better), and then scan and upload it through the form below….

NOTE: If you don’t upload an affidavit with your grievance we can’t consider your submission for the Grand Jury.

I consent to being called to testify before the Grand Jury

Please write a brief description of your grievance here, and then attach a detailed affidavit of your grievance below.

(File size limit is 10mb, type of file: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx)

We are working with Constitutional Commercial Fishing QLD (click the link to visit their facebook page and ask to join if you are ready to help them too) to help them gain justice and freedom from the political party dictatorship.

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