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We are all volunteers who love our country and want to help unite all Australians to get our nation back on track. 

We need your help. Would you like to donate something towards helping us pay for the work we are doing? 

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RestoreAustralia Trust Account (Note: We will have our new Advance Australia Pty Ltd bank account soon. Until then your donations will go into our old RestoreAustralia bank account and will be transferred as soon as we have the company account.)

Account Number: 123995909
BBSB 484799

What happens to your donation?

All funds are used to promote the cause and spread the word of our activities, such as running the website, printing flyers, petitions and this My Will Letter, making banners, etc. Our officers are all volunteers. We do not receive a salary or gain any monetary benefit from donations.

Thank you for your support, and for helping us unite Aussies to build a better future for Australia.