My Will Letter – What is it?

My Will – The Power to Change

A My Will letter is usually sent from a shareholder (elector) holding one share in the Commonwealth of Australia established under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, as proclaimed and gazetted to an elected Representative to tell him/her it is Your Will that they do something. They are duty bound to hear your Will and if possible to do what you ask.

Every Australian is a shareholder in the Commonwealth of Australia with one vote. We each have the power to write to our elected representative to tell him/her that it is My Will that they do something. You may want to tell the representative it is My Will that he ask the government to set up an investigation into paedophilia. Or you might tell him it is My Will that you want them to vote a certain way on a bill.

Sending a My Will Letter you can tell your representative to do anything that is within the scope of their duties, and they must acknowledge and obey you…at least, that is the theory. In reality, we all know that the politicians just ignore us: Because they can!

However, there is another way to use a My Will letter.

If a large number of electors sign the My Will letters we provide through this website, We, the people of the Commonwealth, will give a powerful legal mandate to 25 Commonwealth Public Officials (CPO’s) to convene a Grand Jury that will investigate political corruption at all levels. 

A CPO is someone who has sworn an Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith, and who has been certified by a Public Notary. They are authorised by the Crown to act on behalf of the People of the Commonwealth.

Or, we will use the contact information you provide to invite you to join others in your community to convene a Common Law Court to put those found to have been committing crimes and/or treason in a Grand Jury investigation.

The Grand Jury will be tasked to gather evidence of the many crimes and treasonous acts committed by the political parties, and then present their findings to the police as Indictments, or to call members of the community to convene a Common Law Court. Once the police receive an indictment stating that a crime has been committed they must issue an arrest warrant.

However, as the police are employed by the political party corporation it is likely they will refuse to issue any arrest warrants.

We will then arrest the policeman who refuses and then demand that another officer issue the arrest warrants. We will continue doing this until we find a policeman who will do his duty under the Constitution.

After we issue the arrest warrants the accused will be hauled before a Common Law court where they will be tried before a jury of 12 of their peers.

What else can we do?

Advance Australia his prepared a 5-Step Plan for all Australians to read, debate, and offer suggestions. Step 3 suggests a way to reform the Electoral System, as explained here: Click to view the Electoral Reform Committee Duties

The Grand Jury’s mandate from the People will include calling an election under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, Sections 7, 16, 24 & 34, that state only the Electors (members of the Commonwealth of Australia) have the power to select the candidates they wish to stand for election. No political party has this power. Therefore, no candidate chosen by a political party will ever be allowed to stand again in any future elections. This is why the debate over Section 44 was such a farce!!

The political party system has failed Australia badly, and it is time to change to a different, more inclusive and accountable system of government of the people, by the people, for the people through CIR.

We, the People of the Commonwealth, each with one vote, will have the power to tell our Representatives what we want…not the other way around as it is today.

For more information on how and why the political parties have been able to deceive us for so long, click here:

Why can we do this?

Article 61 of the Magna Carta gives the people the right to Lawfully Rebel against the State when it no longer serves the Will of the People, or if it has harmed the people beyond their endurance.

The political party governments have shown ever since 1960 that they no longer adhere to our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Instead, they have set up an unlawful corporate government system using companies they have registered in the USA. They have proceeded to fool the people into believing that they are the legitimate government, while forcing us to vote for them. And by introducing preferential voting they ensured we could only ever elect the ALP or the LIBs to Parliament…their Parliament, not our lawful Commonwealth of Australia Parliament.

They have rewritten Commonwealth of Australia Laws and copyrighted them to their COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA corporation, and lied to us that these are all lawful acts. For more information on this please read the articles linked to below:


Commonwealth of Australia Vs Australia Act — documents how the unlawful Australia Act enacted without Crown Authority or the will of the people voting in a Referendum tried to separate us from our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901

Criminals in Government – Watch the video in this article to see how Wayne Goss and Kevin Rudd conspired to pass the Reprints Act to give the corporate political party governments the power to rewrite Commonwealth of Australia Acts and copyright them to the political party corporations.

How & When did the Government Commit Treason? – Explains in detail how the political parties betrayed Australia.

What you can do

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