Political Party Crimes Exposed


Political Party Lies & Deception

Only about 500 people have shares in the political parties’ Corporations registered in Washington, DC, USA. These are the people and the organizations that have created their own Australian Government within our Commonwealth of Australia. In the process, they have ignored or Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and created unlawful legislation, and then fooled us into believing they have the authority to rule over us.

Yet, these political parties dictate how we should live our lives. They have:

  • Destroyed our lawful money, as defined in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and forced counterfeit decimal currency on us without the words “Legal tender of the Commonwealth of Australia” and no “head of power”. In fact, A magnified inspection of an “Australian Dollar” polymer (plastic) note, reveals a watermarked seal, the “Stylised Arms No. 2 (Solid) US Serial No. 89000533”, which was registered in 1992 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Counterfeit money is NOT money, so what has the Banks lent you?
  • They have forced our manufacturing off-shore
    Destroyed our farmers and stopped them producing food for all Australians.
  • They have incurred trillions of dollars of debt in their name, not ours, yet we have never agreed to any borrowing by voting in referendums, as required by S.128 of the Constitution. The debt belongs to the political parties.
  • and many more lies and crimes….

They have no authority over the People of the Commonwealth of Australia as established UNDER the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901!

However, all Australians and Her Most Excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith, have NO shares in the company, Commonwealth of Australia that is currently being administered by the unlawful Australian Government.

What the political structure looks like today under the Political Party Dictatorship

(image courtesy of www.concit.org)