Download Your My Will Letter

How to Gather Signatures

Sign your My Will Letter

The easiest and quickest way to sign your My Will letter is to fill in the form here. After you click on ‘Submit” you will immediately receive a beautifully framed certificate confirming that you support convening a common law grand jury and/or court.

If you prefer to download and print out a My Will Letter, click below:

Download the My Will letter by clicking on the link here or below and save it to your hard drive.

Download Your My Will Letter

Click on the button below to download your My Will letter with attractive Parchment Paper background. This will print the background in color as well.

Size: 155kb
Version: 1.0

or download a letter without a parchment image background 

Download B/W Letter

If you do not wish to print a parchment background with your letter, click on the button below.

Size: 75kb
Version: 1.0

Print out as many copies of the letter as you need.

Sign the letter yourself and then get out there and ask other people to sign one as well. Each letter must have one signature and two witnesses. So, three people can each sign their own letter, and then witness each other’s letters.

Then gather all the signed letters you have collected and put as many as possible into one package.

Post your wet-ink signed paper letters to us. We need the paper copy so that we have an original of your letter on hand.

Where to Post your My Will Letters with wet ink signature:

Advance Australia
c/o 108 O’Sullivan Beach Road
South Australia 5160

(This is our Quarry Business address. Once delivered here the letters are put into a locked box and stored in a safe place away from our office)

Any letters that do not bear the valid signature of a registered voter will be rejected.

There is no time limit for gathering signatures, but the more people you can get to sign a letter as well, the faster we will reach the target of 100,000 signatures.

As soon as we reach the target we will immediately start to implement the Terms of Reference

Thank you for standing up with the People of Commonwealth of Australia!