Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why do we need a Grand Jury?

A. The courts, magistrates and judges, are not serving the will of the people. They are making bad decisions that hurt innocent people, especially the Family Courts and courts dealing with local council and police fines. Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and Common Law (Magna Carta) do not allow anyone to impose fines without a conviction in a trial by jury. Commonwealth Public Officials (CPO’s) are already arresting magistrates for treason as the political parties, police and courts are all operating outside our Constitution and Common Law. A Grand Jury will investigate and prosecute crimes and treason committed by the political parties and others against the people by activating our Constitution and Common Law.

Q. Why do you want me to “Give full Authority and Power of Attorney to the People of the Commonwealth”? What power am I handing over?

A. As the My Will letter is a legal document, we must state things legally to protect you and us. You are not being asked to hand over control of anything in your life. This Power of Attorney will not affect you, your health, wealth, or anything you value, except your freedom from the tyranny of corporate government.

Q. Who can sign a My Will Letter, and who can witness your signature?

A. Any Australian who is a member of the Commonwealth of Australia can sign a My Will letter, and any Australian can witness your signature. You do not need a JP or other government official to sign it. This is a letter for all Aussies who care about the future of our nation.

Q. Should I hand the My Will letter in to the government after I sign it?

A. Absolutely not! The My Will letter has nothing to do with the government. It is a private initiative by Advance Australia HQ Pty Ltd to get enough support to change the government system and bring back government and laws under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. You should only give your signed letter to an Advance Australia representative or mail it to:
Advance Australia My Will Letters
c/o 108 O’Sullivan Beach Road
South Australia 5160

Q. Is there a cut off date for gathering the signatures?

A. No, there is no cut off date. But the faster we can reach our target of 100,000 signatures the sooner the 15 CPO’s can convene the Grand Jury and we can start investigating the massive political corruption.

Q. Why are you offering $1 million in incentives?

A. To get signatures on the My Will Letter and return them to us takes a few steps. You will have to download the letter first, print out as many as you need, get one person to sign one letter and then get two witnesses to sign. Then mail the wet-ink signed letter to us by Post Office mail to this address:

Advance Australia My Will Letters
c/o 108 O’Sullivan Beach Road
South Australia 5160

So, this will take time and effort on your part.


Therefore, we feel people who go to a lot of effort should have a chance to be rewarded.

Everyone who gathers enough signatures to qualify will go into a prize pool draw, and the winner will get the prize. This is also a good incentive for social and community groups, clubs, and organizations to get all their members involved.

The Grand Jury can only be convened and operate with the backing of the People of the Commonwealth. Every Australian has one share in the Commonwealth. Therefore, the Grand Jury needs the consent of a large number of Australians to act under your authority. Click here to read the Terms of Reference. These explain the extent of the powers you grant to the Grand Jury to operate under.

All we require is your approval/power of attorney to authorise the Commonwealth Public Officials (CPO’s) to convene a Grand Jury and operate under the Terms of Reference we have stated on this website.

This is the only power you are handing to these CPO’s who will sit on the Grand Jury. They will work to a very strict set of rules overseen by Common Law Sheriffs.

Q. What is a CPO and what powers do they have?

A. For the purposes of the My Will Letter initiative, a CPO is a Statutory Person representing the Crown. A CPO has similar powers to a police officer, and may require a police officer to assist the CPO carry out their duties of investigation, arrest, and conducting trials. A CPO has sworn an Oath to the Reigning Monarch of the Commonwealth of Australia, Queen Elizabeth 2 of the United Kingdom, to serve as a Law and Peace officer. A CPO’s duty is to defend people and keep the peace. A police officer’s job is as an enforcer of the law.

Q. Who are the Commonwealth Public Officials (CPO’s) who will sit on the Grand Jury?

A. At this early stage in the campaign it’s too early to name them. We have a list of CPO’s who have sworn allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith. Therefore, they are authorized by the Commonwealth Crown to act on her behalf to keep Her peace in the Realm.

Peter Scott, CPO, is one the driving forces behind the My Will Letter campaign. Peter is a wealthy South Australian businessman who knows patriots around the country who understand what the political parties have done to our nation and the laws. Peter is also the one who has put up the $1 million incentive. 

We will introduce Peter and other CPO’s when we get closer to the time to convene the Grand Jury.

The final decision on who will sit on the Grand Jury will be made by a Council of Common Law Sheriffs who are also standing by to serve the Crown and the Commonwealth.

Q. How long before we can convene the Grand Jury?

A. That depends on how fast we can gather enough signatures. 

Q. Will all religions be free to practice under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 when we form a government under it?

A. Yes. The Constitution already guarantees freedom of religion. However, we will initiate a referendum to ask the People of the Commonwealth to vote on whether they will allow all religions, including those that preach death to anyone who will not convert, or not. 

Q. Can anyone in any State sign the My Will Letter?

A. Yes. Anyone who is an Australian voter can sign the letter.

Q. I’ve never heard of a Grand Jury being convened in Australia. Is it possible?

A. It is true that Grand Juries are rare in Australia, but under Common Law it is possible to set up a Grand Jury. Instead of trying to explain the legal details here please download and read this article that explains the history and laws behind Juries and Grand Juries: Download Grand-Jury-Australia.pdf