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Allotz.com revolutionises the online accommodation industry

Published on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 

13 years after the first online hotel booking was made, a new technology named http://www.allotz.com/ promises to bring about the long awaited second revolution into the online booking market.

Stuart Udy, Vice President Marketing Allotz.com said, “The biggest problem with online selling, is access to available rooms, the hotel inventory.Allotz.com revolutionises the way inventory is accessed by Resellers by making it automatic.”  “That’s what computers are supposed to do.”  “A property can load available inventory for their online partners and not touch it again for a year or more if they like.”

Allotz.com is offering a solution to a travel industry where online bookings are growing exponentially, year after year, potentially reaching 40 percent in 2008.”

“Allotz.com is totally new technology which manages the inventory for hoteliers and online resellers.”  “It means the end to the daily panic and drudgery of updating rooms and giving extra commission.”  “It’s a true revolution for both the hotelier and the reseller.”

This video features Martin McConnachie. Founder and CEO of Allotz, talking about the Commonwealth Games debacle, and how the Allotz AutoYield system can create massive opportunities for businesses that take bookings.